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We have a 8 month old named Dug, and we also have 3 kids that are 3, 6 and 9 years old. We are trying to train him as a family but need some
guidance on discipline. He is very stubborn that I know is common but he gets on the kitchen counter if we not looking, how do you curb this
without smacking his butt? We have gone through more shoes, wifes underwear, clothing, straps off the bbq and anything else he can get ahold.
His newest feat is opening the door into the house and garage by opening the doors because we have the lever handles, pretty smart dog. We will be replacing the door handles I guess. Our kids love him to death and he is great with them. We will get him neutered right away but not sure how that will affect him. We have talked about more than once about finding a new home but every night he falls asleep on the kids bed we fall in love with him again when we put him in his crate. Is there any books recommended, not much for dog trainers where I live. Just find it hard when he
does something really bad not to punish him or tap his but. Thank you for any help. Shad
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