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helping a bored dog

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I recently adopted a 2-3 year old male beagle mix. I live in a condo. He is alone for 9 hours mon-fri. I take him for a good 20 min walk in the morning after his breakfest to go potty and let some energy out then he has full range of the house while im gone. When i get home i take him back out for 3-4 hour hiking/dog park/ walking or just cruising around with us. He isnt distruction thus far in the house nothings out of place when i get home and no accidents yet. However i know hes will eventually get board being in the house that long. I leave the TV on and give him toys is there any thing else i can offer him to keep him happy. I want his life to be a good one to make up for whatever happend previously. Hes a wonderful loving dog!
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It sounds like he is a very happy dog and behaving well for you. You can leave him a Kong toy filled with kibble or a peanut butter filled Kong. There are several treat toys that would be safe for him to play with while you are gone. If he has full run of the house I am sure he keeps busy watching out the window and of course sleeping where ever he wants.
I tried the Kong toys and he chewed right though it :( hes destroys his toys lol
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