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Hi everyone

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I was reading about the Ivomec for Beagles and was wondering exactly what you buy and where can you buy it I have to give one of my dogs this for mange and was wondering if it would be cheaper to buy it than getting it from the vet. Thanks much.
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Hello Debbie, I'm Jamella by the way and I am from the Philippines. I'm a neophyte here. Well, regarding you're query, I have to say it'll be much cheaper if you by it in Agri-Vet
pet store.. It's more cheaper than that from the vet's clinic. I used to get my animal supplies in my pet's vet clinic,but then I discovered that her prices are twice higher than that of the original price so I decided to get it from the Agri-Vet Store where all the farm supplies can be bought. :) I hope I have helped you one way or the other.
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