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Copper was born on May 17th and he is my new obsession! I had no intentions of adopting a rescue pup when my daughter's and I went to Pet Smart to buy cat foot!!! But there was a Rescue there for adoption day (and I have avoided adopting before so this was meant to be) and they had a litter of Beagle puppies that were given up by a breeder who decided she couldn't care for them. Copper's seven sisters were the classic tri-color beagles. Copper however is extra special because he is mostly black with some white and a tad of brown. What really caught our attention besides his awesome personality is the fact that he only has a nub of a tail. The vet thinks he may have been born that way because she doesn't see signs of trauma. Either way, he's perfect to us!!!! I'm new to Beagles and it has been a long time since I have been a puppy mom. Some days I think being an infant mom is easier! But I wouldn't trade a single minute!


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