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Hi I am Jenny. I am from Victoria, Australia and on the wrong end of my 50's and have an adorable female Beagle name Hershey. She was originally named Hermione by my son but I had trouble pronouncing it. Hershey was actually born Polly!
She is app 4 years old and came to me after living with my son and his family and also mate Harry another Beagle.

Hershey has me for company in addition to 2 cats, a fluffy tabby named Harrison, a blue tortie Burmese named Shelley and Snoop Dog, a black fluffy bunny.

She has a loud bark when anyone arrives here but is a bit of a scaredy dog at other times. HATES thunder storms and is wary of men.
Hershey is extremely loyal and when I am sad or upset has been known to sit up close to me and give a quick lick to my cheek
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