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Hi! I'm Annie.
My boyfriend and I have two beagles. Well, sort of.

This is Hunter:
Dog Carnivore Dog breed Grey Companion dog

He's 13 (or so) and we share him with my boyfriend's dad. Whenever his dad goes away for work, Hunter comes to our house to stay. He loves to come to our house, because we own acres of land that let him run and chase bunnies. He is a trained rabbit dog, and has some foxhound in him. He is the last of my boyfriend's grandfather's litters (he used to breed beagles).

This is Sierra:
Nose Dog Carnivore Mammal Fawn

She's almost 5 months old. She is my full-time baby girl, and is in the midst of being trained to hunt rabbits. She's a hard worker, and is turning out to be a good tracker. We plan to breed her in two years, and we are taking lots of advice from my boyfriend's mom, who bred poodles for years. Right now though, she's a very good girl. She can sit, she comes when we whistle, and she likes to tease both Hunter and our cat, Cloud.

Sierra has few vices, (not counting the usual puppy behaviors!) She likes to chase the Amish buggies when they go past and she screams every time she gets shots. I don't mean just cries. I mean she screams and freaks out for a good ten minutes. It always amazes the vet and his nurses that such a little girl can make so much noise!

Sierra has one physical flaw. She has a 'dewclaw' on her back foot that is basically just hanging there. Since we weren't planning on getting her spayed till after at least one litter, the vet told us to bring her back in November so he can remove it. Currently, we watch her carefully so it doesn't get caught in her blankets.

So, hi!
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