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My name is Shawn. I live just outside of Camp Lejeune. I was born and raised in Indiana, but I was in the Marine Corps for 13 years. I was wounded in Iraq and was medically retired as a Wounded Warrior. After I was hurt, I found that being in the outdoors helped me to heal. I have had many individuals and organizations help me to get back to the outdoors. I have finally been able to start my own pack of Rabbit Beagles. I have a great young male that is my jump dog. I have an old female who is fat and reminds me of a Vienna Sausage. I had a litter of 5 females and tomorrow I sell 3 of them. My pack is young but I hope to run them with some great dogs in the future. I am hoping that I will learn a lot and do some networking through this site.

I would really like to hear any info anyone has on how to start field trialing my dogs.

There are more pictures on our family site,
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