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Homemade Treats for Toronto Animal Services

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Hi everyone, we've put up this week's new recipe if you are into baking and interested in homemade treats for your dog. We come up with these every week, usually seasonal, and the recipes are posted on if you are ever looking for something new to bake for your furry friends.

For those of you that don't follow PetGuide's recipes, we do weekly recipes where we make organic, natural or fun (sometimes all three!) homemade treats for your pet. When we're done making our many, many bags of cookies each week, all of those cookies are donated to the Toronto Animal Services's South Shelter (located at Horse Palace). This week's lucky recipients of yummy free treats include a beautiful Sharpei-German Shepherd named Raven and Farley, a cute miniature poodle. Our hope is that these natural treats give them a small taste of home, and remind them that we care, while they wait for their "forever home" from a future family.

We hope you enjoy our recipes and if you ever have any ideas for recipes or want us to try any, please email [email protected] and I'll be happy to put your recipe ideas up and try them out.

Amy, Editor
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