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house training issues

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Hi, I have a 4 month old beagle, Ramsey, who I am having problems house training. Is this common? I don't even know where all of this pee is coming from!!! I have to limit his water intake or he will never stop drinking it. I think he knows that what he is doing is wrong! I scold him when pees in the house and praise him when he goes outside. He does still have a few poo accidents yet when he does it is in the same room, unfortunately my sons room.

I have a German Shepard who is 11 and the best trained dog ever!! I know that will be up for debate, but we love him. My husband and I do know how to train our dogs, however, I'm worried that Ramsey is just not catching on.

I also have one other quick question, do all beagles eat like they have never seen food before in their life? This crazy pup eats like I've been starving him for months, and he does that twice a day!

If anyone has any advice, I would really appreciate it!! Thanks!!! :)
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House training is often an issue with beagles as they can be stubborn but they can learn it for sure. The excessive water intake could be an issue. Have you mentioned this to the vet? Or it could just be from the dry winter house. Yes, beagles LOVE to eat, you just have to limit it.

As for potty training....try not to scold the inside accidents. What I did with Molly was if she had an accident I would say "pp outside", soak up a bit of the pee and bring her out and say "pp outside". Definately reward the outside potties with praise and treats. If you scold the inside potty they don't really understand that you are mad that they went in the house, they think you are mad because they pottied. If you still have trouble, they make a potty training spray that you can spritz in your yard.
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