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Got a puppy at female pure breed beagle at week 8, one month later at week 12 -

- She knows her name
- She occasionally comes when called
- She knows how to sit and lie down
- She is somewhat potty trained - Trained her to go potty, number 1, outside in the fenced front yard and on the potty patch inside. She does number 2 outside. For the past 2-3 weeks can't remember when she had her last accident
- Working on her leave it and more importantly when food or object is on the ground to leave it
- Leash training - Moments where she is pulling but there are times where she can walk beside me and not pull
- She's still biting - on my hand when I try to pet her, she'll nip at my hand every now and then. I have "love bites" from her on my right hand. I've tried walking away, I've tried bitter spray, Unfortunately, the biting is still a work in progress
- Shes not barking or baying...Yet

Schedule after 1 month

- 630-730 - I wake up take her out to do her business we work on her leave it, sit, lie down for 15-20 mins, then I take her out for a quick walk around the block I put her back in her play area - fenced inside the house linked with her crate
- 730-745 - Breakfast
- 745-1000 - leave her in her play area with her toys, shes plays with her chew toys, and takes naps.
-1000-1030 - take her outside to relive her self
**1030 - I leave for work and come back at 745pm**
-1030-1200 - she is inside her playpen
-1200-1300 - feeding a bit of play and outside relive her self
-1300-1500 - she is inside her playpen, nap, kennel
-1500-1600 - cousins come and play with her
-1600-1700 - she is in her playpen, nap, kennel
-1700-1730 - feeding time in her playpen
-1730-1945 - in her playpen, nap, kennel
-1945-2100 - come from work, play and take her out for walk
-2100-0630 - sleep

Observations -

- It's quite difficult to get her attention sometimes. I wave my arms around, make funny voices, wave my arms with treats and it still can be tough to her attention sometimes.
- She doesn't go to the living room area yet, only because she is still biting everything. My grandmother who lives with us, adores her but she is nipping at her and grandmother is quite annoyed by it, but there are 5 of us in the house.
- When taken outside, there is street/alley by our house, when she sees a car she'll stop what shes doing and be completely focused on the car. When she's people outside the fence, she had a tendency to growl a bit.
- When she is outside though and people and other dogs greet her she is generally very friendly.
- Every Sunday for the past 3 weeks I've been taking her to puppy classes. I have 3 more classes to go.
- I haven't taken her to doggy day care yet but I plan to.
- I've been shopping around for pet insurance. Haven't quite found one yet.
- I feed her Blue Freedom Grain Free Puppy Food, she seems to enjoy. No complaints. I use kongs as a feeding tool. I don't feed her in a bowl. I use a wide variety of treats.
- I am clicker training her.
- When I walk with her we walk for about 15-20 mins around the block. She is pulling quite a bit but she is getting a bit better

Back to the question: How am I doing?

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Sounds like you are doing very well for her age! Be careful with the potty patch because it can be confusing about peeing outside. She might benefit from a puppy "basic manners" class, it's good for socialization and to teach proper leash walking etc.
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