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How do I get them to get along?

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Hi everyone. I have acquired a stray dog. And he is not a normal dog. He is a full grown Great Dane. He is a big baby and doesnt realize how his size looks to my beagle. My beagle hates him and I cant take him off his runner anymore because he will attack the Dane at every chance. The poor Dane does nothing to protect himself and has therefore been hurt repeatedly by my Beagle. I really dont have anyone to give a Dane to so I cant just turn the poor baby out.

Is there any way to get my Beagle to chill out and stop attacking the Dane? Or is he going to continue to do this? Any advice?
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OOOOOoooo thats unsual.

We are baby sitting a third beagle for six weeks at the moment. When we first picked up the friends beagle and bought it home she was really aggressive and snapped at our two. I ended up throwing them all outside until they started playing nicely together. It took about three days but now we think our friends beagle wont want to go home beacuse she will miss her new friends.

I think your best point of call is your local vet, it may just be a territory issue?
my beagle is our working farm dog and i guess his drive to protect his farm caused him to attack the dog. we found a home for the Dane soon after this post. a home with two other Danes, so at least he isnt in danger anymore. thanks for the advice though.
wow. as soon as i posted this, my friend called me out into the yard and the Dane is sitting in my back field. that was a huge coincidence!!
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