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Howdy all! Im new here...

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But, I adopted my 1rst beagle on 2/2/1976. And I have loved the breed ever since as Snapper was not a young dog when adopted, yet spent 13 yrs with me before old age claimed him! My first beagle pup
lived from 12 april 1992 to 21 sept 2008 & my current nearly 3 y/old beagle was born on 7 sept 2008 that came from a breeder that has produced ones that have lived to 19 yrs! Jethro was the "runt of their
last litter" before they retired & the last one sold from the north Idaho Indian reservation after breeding beagles for 40 years! Goober was not much of a hunter, but excelled as a very noisy guard dog...but,
Jethro is a "natural hunter"! In Idaho, a dog must be on leash or "tethered to you" to hunt deer & elk, & Jethro is "a natural" when still-hunting or stalking big game @ my side!
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