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I'm new to the forum and wanted to say Hello!! I'm owned by an almost 3 year old Beagle! Two years ago, I rescued/adopted her from running wild in the country, malnourished, and covered with mites. She has been mite free for quite some time now, and lives a pretty cush life! And she's a little 'cushy' herself, if you know what I mean!! ;) She enjoys a best buddy poodle mix dog and long hikes in the mountains when it is warm enough. She recently went on a 4 mile excursion in the "winter mountains" ... doggy booties, coat and all... and I'm pretty sure she hated me the whole time! We made it though. She loves romping in the snow around the house... but didn't like it as much out in the wilderness.

Looking forward to being a part of the community and sharing in all the Beagle antics!!
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Welcome to you and your beagle! Thank you for rescuing her :) She is super cute!
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