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Hunting Beagle wont leave my side

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Hey everyone new to the site. I recently bought a Beagle from a freind. Before I bought him my buddy took me to a club with a 14 acre fenced in area with rabbits..He ran a rabbit pretty quick he looked good. Chop mouth really nice, alittle slow but he hunted, I decided to buy him for 400 dollars..he had papers, shots, plaques, blah blah blah..I took him home and he gets along good with my other dog which is a pointer. He seemed alittle skiddish and shy at first but now he finnaly trusts me and comes to me with no hesitation. I took him hunting on my property which is loaded with rabbits and he didnt leave my, I bought him in November and played with him everyday and hunted him the first time at the end of feburary..he wont leave my side he stays in my tracks behind me and wont wonder. I ended up getting 2 rabbits just by seeing them and takeing them. when i shot the rabbit the dog seemed scared to go near it, now i know hes a pup im hoping somthing just clicks sooner then later and he just goes nuts for bunnys.. the dog is alittle over 2 years old. Any tips? I dont have another dog to run with him please help..I like the little guy but I dont want a pet beagle i want a hunting dog.
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If he's not doing it by now chances are he's not going to. Most beagles will start clicking between 4 months and a year old running rabbits.
Only suggestion is to keep taking him out and putting him on a fresh rabbit. let him see it, alot of times a pup will get excited seeing it running away from them. Sight chasing would be a good start. A few sight chases then he'll start useing his nose.
Without having a broke gundog to run him with your task is going to be harder.

Good luck with him!!
Just one other note. If he's 2 yrs old, he's not a pup, he's a senior. At 3yrs old he's a veteren.
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