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Hey there, i dont have a beagle, I have a schnocker...I think she may have worms and found an interesting tidbit on this website about the use of safeguard liquid for cattle, using it for beagles and it being effective for dogs as well as the cattle...I am wondering too if this can be used for cats? Just a going to run a stool sample from my dog to my vet, but thot I would order this safeguard, esp if it is good for cats I will want to treat the whole house, if my dog does have worms...she was checked at her yearly checkup last year and was clean..she gets heartworm medicine every month...but they do pick up stuff..anyone here that has an opinion? i did find the Lamberts Vet Supply and found the Safeguard that was described on this website by someone who has beagles...
If anyone can help me out, let me know...

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