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Is a Beagle Right for You?

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Their cute faces and delightful personalities will captivate you and make you want to bring one home with you right away. Beagles are one of the most desired dog breeds due to their ability to be kid-friendly, sociable and adorable. Beagles are making their way into many homes worldwide as a loved family pet. If the Beagle dog breed has captured your attention and you are thinking of welcoming one or maybe two into your home soon, you will want to make sure that a Beagle is right for you and your family. The following details will guide you on your journey to discovering if a Beagle will fit perfectly into your lifestyle.

Exercise Requirements

Beagles require exercise on a daily basis. You will need to have time in your daily schedule to take your Beagle for a long walk or you may have a fenced in yard where he can run around in for a while to meet his or her daily exercise requirements. Visiting a dog park is also a great way to provide exercise for a Beagle since he or she will be running and playing with other dogs at the park.

Indoors or Outdoors

Beagles are highly comfortable being indoor pets as long as they have a comfortable space to call their own and they get plenty of attention. Beagles are also capable of living outdoors on a regular basis as long as proper shelter that is appropriate for the climate in your area is provided. Plenty of water is always required to prevent dehydration. Although Beagles are capable of living outdoors easily, they also require socialization and companionship to live a well balanced life. You will want to clear time in your daily schedule to spend time with your Beagle in order to form a close bond and provide attention and affection. If you have a busy schedule and plan to be away from home during the day, you may want to consider getting two Beagles so they can keep each other company.

Good with Children

Beagles are excellent playmates for children. They are the perfect size for young children and they are highly tolerant and gentle. In addition to their sweet nature around children they are also playful and able to enjoy any adventure or game they are welcomed to join.

A Hunters Best Friend

Beagles have a hard coat that protects them from underbrush as they scurry around trailing the hunt. Beagles easily work together in packs and gets along with other dogs. Hunters will find that the Beagles melodious bay will benefit the process tremendously.

By now you should have a good idea if a Beagle is a perfect fit for your lifestyle. You will always want to provide your Beagle with plenty of affection, playtime and exercise. One important fact about the Beagle that every potential dog owner should know is that they bark and howl. While all dogs bark, the Beagle has a unique bark in addition to a loud howl. You should be prepared for this loud howl that may arise at anytime during the day or night. Luckily Beagles are easily trainable and can fit into a variety of different lifestyles.

Photo credit: Don Burkett/Flickr

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I got a beagle because I wanted a dog to enjoy hunting on Saturdays
I have always thought that I made the right decision, having Ginger with us makes our everyday life more colorful. No regrets!
I have always thought that I made the right decision, having Ginger with us makes our everyday life more colorful. No regrets!
Me too. No regrets whatsoever!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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