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So this Maddie, I adopted her back in November. I know she at least part beagle; her face looks like one and she DEFINITELY sounds like one lol. I was unsure because I'd only ever seen tri-colored beagles, but I have now found out that they can be just tan and black.

The thing is, there are a couple of beagles at the dog part, and Maddie is taller and leaner then them. She also seems way faster then I thought beagles could be, she tucks her tail between her legs and takes off, out running bigger dogs and keeping up with collies and such.

She is about a year old, weighs 25lbs and her back comes up to my knees(I'm 5'5) any ideas?

I find it amusing she is at least some beagle. When I went into the shelter I *thought* I wanted a older dog and one that specifically wasn't a beagle....I live in a 300sq apartment with no yard, I knew beagles were high energy and thought my house would be too small. Well, then I saw this little underweight black and tan thing, and assume she is a terrier mix not a beagle, and then I took her home and then she starts "talking" to me...oh yea. My days have now turned into 1hr long walks and daily trips to the dog park(which she loves). Lucky she is incredibility food motivated and has been very easy to train. And i have to saw part or full beagle, I wouldn't trade her for anything.

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