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It’s sad, but happens frequently – people dump older dogs at shelters because they’re not puppies anymore. Let’s follow Japan’s lead and mandate care for the lifetime of dogs. At some point in our lifetime many of us will have cared for an aging pet that is no longer able to fetch a stick, bound up the stairs or simply climb up onto the sofa to snuggle beside us. This isn’t a sad time; it’s a thoughtful time that allows us to at long last give back to someone who has brought years of joy to our life.
When our Jake was winding down we ensured someone was always on hand to help him up the family room stairs and that every smooth surfaced floor in the house had “stepping stone” mats that he could use to cross the room without wiping out. These are the little things you do when you love an aging pet and apparently pet owners in Japan not only agree but have taken it to the next level.

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