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Jelly like "stuff" in stool

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We ar a LOW income family of five - my husband and I owned a shepherd/samoyed for 10 yrs before we had our 3 girls (he actually passed away while we were expecting our first) - our 2 eldest were asking for a dog when we found out we were having baby #3, so we said we would wait til she was out of diapers and gave up her soother - that happened this past summer, so we went on Kijiji and other sites to see what we could find.
We found that one of our neighbour's had posted their Beagle on Kijij, so we e-mailed them for more info. They had him for sale for awhile then told us they would just give him to us! I was excited, but also a little wary as they had mostly kept him in the backyard and never seemed to walk him. I wasn't sure bout his behaviour as we had only petted him thru his fence, so I suggessted that they bring him by for a visit so we could see how our girls would be with him and he with them. The next thing we knew, they had moved!! I e-mailed them asking if they had maybe sold the dog, and they said that they dropped him off at the Mississauga Animal Shelter!!! I was really upset! So... we called the shelter and foudn out he was scheduled for neutering so we called every day til he was ready to be adopted out, and then went and got him. He has been with us since the end of Sept, and is basically a mountain goat!! He climbs and and eats EVERYTHING!!!
Recently, his stool started to become soft and he left a few "gifts" for us over night and boy did they ever smell!! So I told the girls to STOP giving him any treats. I noticed his stool returning to "normal" last 2 nights HOWEVER, today, I have found two different spots in the kitchen where there appears to be jelly and a bit of poop. Like a teaspoon full. There is a slight tinge of redness, but I am pretty sure it's not blood (mom of 3 gilrs here and yes, have had to "study" the baby poop when they weren't well) - so.... that being said, they only thing that he has different last night was a PEDIGREE JUMBONE - I read the ingiedeints (rice flour, GLYCERIN, sugar, cellulose powder, wheat flour, PROPYLENE GLYCOL, sodium caseinate, natural flavor, drid meat by-products, ......etc.) and YUCK!!! I am thinking that the treats might be making his stool have that in it. I have been reading the ingredients on a bunch of dog treats and GROSS!!!!!! I can't beleive that the big name dog food companies actually say these are GOOD for your dogs!?! I have found a sweet potatoe/duck jerky treat at Dollarama that he LOVES and are all natural!!! Only sweat potatoe and duck jerky! He didn't seem to have the runny stools when he has those.
So....... any advice would be welcomed as, like i said, LOW INCOME family here and really cannot afford to run him to the vets right now. Thanks!! :)
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FamilyOfFive ,

Welcome to Beagles Unlimited.
What you have described with your dog's stool sounds like Giardia or Coccidia as they both have similar symptoms. The jelly cover or mucus with a little red ( small amount blood ) and bad odor is a sure sign of Giardia or Coccidia. ( Treats will not cause this ) Giardia or Coccidia can be easily treated if you have access to meds or if the shelter will give free treatment. Let me know what your choices are here....

For now I would skip treats and feed a good quality kibble with a named meat source as the first ingredient if possible , and plenty clean water. Keep any accidents cleaned up and use some type of disinfectant cleaner.

Are you in the USA?
Do you have a shot record or any Vet history for your new dog?
Any other information on your dog will be helpful.

Post back as soon as possible and I will be glad to help any way I can.

Best , oldhounddog

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Hi FamilyOfFive ,
So glad to hear everything is back to normal with your Beag. It is good that you care enough to use the net as well as good general common sense to educate yourself to make informed choices for your pets and family , I salute you with 2 paws up for your effort. Please check back in from time to time and let us know how things are going. We will always be glad to offer advice to all friends of "ersatz mountain goats".

Best , oldhounddog

I yelled and he dropped it before going in, so I closed the door behind him and cleaned up the dropped cupcake. He is "whining" now - any suggesstions on "time limits" in cage? I think that leaving him too long makes him forget why he is in there, but I am still upset and that makes it hard to be nice when I let him out. Will he ever stop trying to steal off the table?
FamilyOfFive , Very good question.

The use of the crate/cage to help when you have special needs or can not supervise your dog is fine , however , I would advise against using the cage for correction or time out as your dog will not understand that concept. Generally what you want is for you dog to view the crate as a happy and secure place as this will help future efforts with training.
I know this can be frustrating at times , just try to take a deep breath and reward yourself with a well deserved break for being a great and caring person , not to mention doing the work of 3 people...

Most of what you have described can be made better with basic obedience commands ( sit , down , stay and recall with word of choice) easily taught at home using food rewards. This can be fun and easy , take a look at the video link below.

This trainer has many free video shorts on youtube and is one of the best I've seen.

Please post back if you have any ?

Best , oldhoundog

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FamilyOfFive ,

From your first post and throughout this thread , your frankness and honesty about your concerns for Radar and family especially with the amount of effort to make all this happen while making a home for 5 plus one very busy mountain goat is extraordinary. I am sure the decision to re-home Radar after such a valiant rescue effort is " A Very Difficult Choice ". Your evaluation of what would be best for Radar shows you care. I feel certain , given the sincere nature of your efforts so far , that you will make sure that Radar goes to a loving family. You have a great " don't give up " attitude and I absolutely Respect this....

Best , oldhounddog

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