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Jumpers or Diggers?

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I think I mentioned elsewhere that my two beagles were very different. One was a big time digger. Boy, did she dig. The other was a jumper, and I mean, that dog could jump, like over 6' fences, and no, I'm not exaggerating.

Which are your beagles?

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Over 6' fences? That is very impressive!
We do not have a beagle. We are looking into one as a companion to our older dog. Our older dog, at 16, is as much a digger as the day we found him. He loves to dig. Hehehe
I dont think my beagle mix is really either one. He can jump up to my hand if I hold it straight out from my body, I learned that the hard way and almost lost a finger in the process. LOL. But he never digs, he acts like it makes no sense to him. When im using the post hole digger, he sits and stares at me with his head cocked to the side. Hes too funny.
Having had one of each, both were challenges, believe me.

Our male can jump 5 feet or more. He's constantly hopping the fence when he knows I'm not looking. So when I take him out back I have to keep an eye on him. He also loves to dig. There holes all over my backyard and I think they lead to China. On the other hand, our female does neither. She gets to be in the yard by herself while we're gone and enjoy the outdoors because she is a good girl. lol.
Our first beagle, a little eleven-inch-tall squirt, was constantly hauling things three times her size into the backyard in an attempt to cover them with dirt. There were always bare spots on the lawn that marked her digging exploits. It was so funny (most of the time), that it was impossible to be angry. Our current beagle, doesn't dig much, but she's a real jumper. Our fences are too tall for her, but the kitchen counters are certainly tempting targets for her high jumps. If the kitchen were just a little larger, so she could get a running start, none of our meals would be safe.
My jumper made us have to completely rethink our yard. We couldn't put anything by a fence to assist her in making that leap out of the yard. Crazy!

Badger is a digger. I'm trying to find away to get him to stop. I heard if you bury their poop in the hole they won't dig there anymore, however Badger still digs!!!
Boards and cement are the only sure things. We tried stones of various types; they just got kicked aside.

Ya. He has dug up 2 plants at his daycare place he goes to when I'm at work. Ive been researching online ways to get him to stop.
I no longer have him, but I used to have a beagle that could jump 6' fences. he could also open windows that weren't locked. boy, did we have a heck of a time keeping him from getting out. I have girl beagles now and they are more homebodies...yea
Isn't it amazing what dogs can do? I remember when my beagle opened the door for the first time. My sister so did not believe me, until she saw it for herself.

I just loved reading these stories. My dog is a huge digger as I mentioned earlier. It is funny to look around the yard and see these huge holes everywhere. Surprisingly enough, he has never tried to dig out of the yard.
We have a digger too and it hasn't improved as she has got older it is like having an oversized mole because there are always holes in the garden
It's funny now but it wasn't then. That dog could dig and dig and dig, and she did. Every few feet there was a hole. We are so lucky she always found her way home.

The problem with digging is that she comes back into the house covered in mud and I seem to be constantly cleaning up.
My Bawdy is a digger, a jumper & a climber lol one day she had a poorly back leg & we couldn't figure out why, but then the next day I found out why she was stuck hanging half over the neighbours hedge hahaha so I had 2 get her down, bad beagle, naughty beagle!
I have one of each too. I have a super digger, I should really hire him out to contractors. He goes at it with a vengence. Thankfully, he likes quantity rather than quality.

Then I have an 11 year old jumper...high jumps, counters, chairs, beds, tables, etc are his favorite. One never knows where you are going to find him, if we leave him to his own devices.:)
Orrymain, our two are very much like yours. We have a digger. She spends hours digging her little heart out, obviously on the hunt for something.

Pearl - the digger:

Bonnie - the jumper:
I have to say though, that the best trick either of the boys can do is opening the refrigerator and eating it's entire contents until they are stuffed to the max. Yes, they can open the frig....I have a pointed snout beagle, the older one, and he just sticks that little nose in there and pries the door open, then uses his paw to push it the rest of the way. He also can pull out the crisper trays with his paws and teeth.....the younger one is taking lessons, and can almost get it open, but he has a box snout, so it is a little tougher.

When we went to look for a new frig, the sales person asked me what I was looking for and I told him a "beagle proof" door....he came right out and said, there is no such thing YET, but his owning a beagle cross understood completely. We are thinking one with a drawer on the bottom and the doors on top in the middle would be the best we could do....and putting baby latches on the sides.

Ya gotta love 'em....;)
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