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Just adopted a Beagle

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I found this forum while looking up information on our newest adopted pet. Marie is a 7 ( approx) year old beagle that was found as a stray and turned into our local shelter. She was at the shelter for 19 days before we adopted her. She has her 1st vet appointment on Monday.
We have had her for almost 3 weeks, and she is an awesome dog. She looks like she's had a lot of puppies in the past. She's overweight so we have her on a diet. She's great with the kids and cats/kittens. She leaves my degu's alone in their cage, but loves to bring us to the bunny barn while yowling about it. LOL! We know she's been beat before because she cowers when my husband and I approach her too quickly, but is still super sweet to us. She doesn't hold it against us one bit.
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