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Just adopted need some advice

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Hello all,
I just adopted a beagle from a family that could no longer keep her. She is very sweet and seems to attached herself to me after just one day. I have a few questions about her. First, my husband says that she bays like crazy when I leave the house, is ther anything at all I can change this? Also, she seems to sleep alot and not each much, from what I have read this doesn't seem normal to me, an I over thinking this??
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Take her for a walk or run before you leave. Then give her a treat and go when she's resting. I wouldn't worry about the sleeping as long as she seems otherwise healthy. Beagles are pack dogs so if you get a friend for her she'll be very happy. If you can hunt her she'll love that. If you don't hunt, think about letting her go with some other beagles on a rabbit hunt. You'll be suprised how much it will help her calm down.
Getting another beagle will help, they are pack oriented and don't like being alone. That said, mine all carry on for a while whenever I leave, and calm down after awhile. Also, if your husband will play with her or give her a treat like a little piece of meat or cheese and then praise her when she calms down, that will help. It may be that it will just take her some time to feel completely comfortable in your house - I have had some very high-strung females who take a while to adjust.
I walk mine before I got out if I know Im going to be a couple hours to make sure he is tired. I also prepare a bone or a kong for him or even some sort of chewy to keep him occupied. I give it to him and most importantly I dont give him attention or say good bye when I leave, that can create anxiety once he is occupied with the treat I put down for him I quietly slip out. I when I get home I always find him on his bed sleeping. it took sometime to get him used to this, but it works!
**** luck!
First off how old is your beagle. If it's a puppy they sleep a lot more then adult dogs. Also on the whole most dogs sleep an average of 13 hours a day....oh! I wish some days I could do that. As for the baying.....beagles are pack dogs. It would help that your husband spends time with the beagle so that it lessens the attachment she has to herself or if you can get another beagle or dog so it gives the pup companionship and keep her busy. My beagle when he was young use to bay so bad when I left but I finally introduced him to my parents dog and what a relief that was. He soon became fast friends with my parents Springer Spaniel and soon Niko (my beagle) lost interest if I left or not. He was more interested in playing with my parents dog and they baying soon stopped. As for the not eating much keep an eye on her.....if she doesn't eat in 4 days you need to call the vet immediately as there is something seriously wrong. Give her time though to eat as it's a new place for her. If she doesn't want to eat her dog food then try rice/hamburger diet to calm her stomach for a few days then slowly try dog food. This what most people use to calm the stomachs of dogs. I have used it many times when my beagle has not been well. Cook lean hamburger well then rinse it off and mix it 1:2 ratio with plain white rice. Do NOT add anything more to it. Hope this helps a bit.
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