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First off how old is your beagle. If it's a puppy they sleep a lot more then adult dogs. Also on the whole most dogs sleep an average of 13 hours a day....oh! I wish some days I could do that. As for the baying.....beagles are pack dogs. It would help that your husband spends time with the beagle so that it lessens the attachment she has to herself or if you can get another beagle or dog so it gives the pup companionship and keep her busy. My beagle when he was young use to bay so bad when I left but I finally introduced him to my parents dog and what a relief that was. He soon became fast friends with my parents Springer Spaniel and soon Niko (my beagle) lost interest if I left or not. He was more interested in playing with my parents dog and they baying soon stopped. As for the not eating much keep an eye on her.....if she doesn't eat in 4 days you need to call the vet immediately as there is something seriously wrong. Give her time though to eat as it's a new place for her. If she doesn't want to eat her dog food then try rice/hamburger diet to calm her stomach for a few days then slowly try dog food. This what most people use to calm the stomachs of dogs. I have used it many times when my beagle has not been well. Cook lean hamburger well then rinse it off and mix it 1:2 ratio with plain white rice. Do NOT add anything more to it. Hope this helps a bit.
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