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Just Opened Store and Im giving Away "Dog Car Safety Seat Belt"

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Hey Guys, I just opened a store and as a little opening promotion, I'm giving people 100% off Dog Car Safety Seat Belt in 4 different color varieties; Black, Blue, Red and Pink. All you need to do is pay for shipping! Just thought I'd share in case anyone was interested - ship globally :)

Check Link Below
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You can also ship

Hey i am a pet runner at citizenshipper which is a shipping company You can check out their pet transportation page by clicking here.
Their process of shipping is very simple You just need to List your pet’s needs on their site and connect with professional, animal-loving, independent contract transporters committed to excellence. You’ll receive free quotes, have the ability to check out transporter reviews and discuss details before accepting a bid - keeping you in the driver’s seat throughout the process.
Telling this as this might help others also and hope it doesn't break forum policies as this will be useful for many of us
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