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leash pulling

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My daughter wanted a new beagle puppy to teach it to blood trail deer. So we got her one. Since taking our first dog to obedience classes over 20yrs ago we have tought our dogs not to pull on the leash. However it seems in most tracking situations the dog needs to lead the way and pull on the leash.
Any recomendations helping the dog differentiate?

Friend of mine has another small breed and uses a harness when the're tracking, but I think he just lets the dogs pull on the leash when he's not hunting.

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you might try carrying a long walking stick and gently anoying him with it start by draging it on ground behind him you might let it touch him gently some pester him let him think that you dont know you are doing it dont force it dont look at him just let it be in his way it will work in reverse also they learn where the stick is go away from it go slow as needed to be gentel it will speed up after they learn
JimC ,

A front clip harness will help with training not to pull on leash.

Take a look at this video on loose leash walking:


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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