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Likes to chew socks and sock-like things -- why?

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Our 10-month old beagle, Arya, loves to take rolled up (clean) socks and items similar to socks, such as gloves, knit hats and chew on them until they are soaked. She just discovered that I knit and now all my projects are in snap-lid boxes because a skein of yarn seems to be similar to a rolled up sock. She also chews on her stuffed toys until they are in pieces, even though I took the squeakers out. This morning after I took a sock away from her she started chewing on her blanket. A light bulb went off over my head and I made a little pillow from polar fleece that is the same size and shape as a rolled up sock and now she chews happily on this. Is this a puppy/beagle specific behavior? We've had beagle mixes before that were more interested in chewing their rawhides. She will chew a rawhide for five minutes and then will go looking for a sock or ball of yarn. All thoughts and suggestions greatly appreciated.
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>Is this a puppy/beagle specific behavior?<

Yes , and you are doing the right by providing something safe your beag can chew on. Time and positive training are on your side, this will start to ease up as your beag matures. A rawhide can be a problem for some dogs if they swallow a large piece it can cause obstruction , this may not be a problem with your dog. Try a kong with food treat inside.

Best, oldhounddog

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