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Living with a Beagle w/out a yard --Advice please!

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I am hoping for some suggestions and advice with this topic. This past weekend I started helping out at a beagle rescue and unknown to me they recently had a pregnant beagle dropped off and have babies. I would really like to adopt one but I know the owner of the rescue won't let her beagles go to just anyone and she expects most to have a yard so they have plenty of room to get exercise, especially for puppies. I talked to her yesterday about adopting and she said that since I only have a very small fenced in patio I need to have a plan of how I am going to wear out my puppy on a daily basis with rain, snow, sleet, blazing heat or just a normal day.

I do work an 8 hour a day job and I realize that 8 hours is way too long to leave a puppy alone, however, I live with my long time boyfriend and he works nights 3 months on and then 1 month of days. So for the most part there will be someone home with the pup.

I would love to get some suggestions on ideas for the plan I need to come up with for the beagle rescue owner and experiences you all may have had with a beagle without a yard and having a beagle with an 8 hour job.

I have been doing my research and understand the tendencies beagles have and attention they need. I am willing to put in the work and dedication to owning a beagle pup.

Thank you in advance!
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It is totally okay to have a beagle without a yard as long as they get walked on a regular basis. If a beagle is house trained they can usually go several hours on their own, especially if they get a good walk before you go. If your patio is fenced at least the pup can get out and about while you are outside with him. If you have a dog park nearby that is also a great place for fun and exercise.
I have a 2-3 year old beagle i just recently adopted. I leave for work at 5:30 and come home shortly after 3 so theres a good 9 hours or so that hes in the house (i live in a condo as well). I take him out for a 20 min walk in the morning before i leave so he can stretch and go potty. I have a gate to close off the kitchen (dont want him with the food). But he has free rain of the house while im gone. As soon as i get home i imediatly take him out to go potty and then spend the rest of the after noon with him either at the park base ball practice or just walking around outside. He does very well. No accident in the house.
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