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Looking for a good family dog?

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Hi, I am looking for a good family dog. Let me know your thoughts about the Beagle and Merle French Bulldog. I like the cute beagles.
But I have just read about the blue eyes of the Merle French Bulldogs, which are very attractive for me. So, I have decided to go for this
cute dog breed. But I am also little confused about the health issues of this special variation of the French Bulldog. Let me clear the
things if anyone here have the experience of Merle French Bulldog, and Beagle.
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Medium sized dog breeds tend to be better choices for houses with kids because smaller dogs can get underfoot and large dogs can knock children over with ease, just by moving around.

Typically a lower energy breed is best so they’re not bouncing off the walls, less mouthy is always a good choice (mouthy dog breed examples would be Labs, Rotties, Shepherds, etc)

There is no set “breed of dog that is good with children”, it varies quite heavily from dog to dog.
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