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Looking for help with training my beagle to Hunt birds.

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Can anybody give me some insight on hunting pheasants with beagles. I have a 1 year old that I would like to train for pheasants. Looking for recommendations on books, DVDs, collars, etc...thank you in advance!!
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Check out Article

Just saw this and not sure if you are still watching this page, but here is some advise. I have hunted beagles for pheasants and other upland birds nearly all my life. I have a 5 year old 20" beagle named Zeke and he just loves chasing birds. Pheasants, grouse, even woodcock here in Mn. When this site first came into being I wrote a long article titled "Beagles and Birds" and it is still on the site. Look for it under "Training". It gives you a lot of tips on how to start and train your beagle.
Of course pheasants aren't rabbits and hunting them with a beagle is sometimes a really aerobic experience especially when a rooster does a straight shot sprint down a fence line and you have to keep up with the hound in order to say close enough to get a shot. But I have never lost a cripple with a beagle. They will track them till either the beagle or the bird drops.
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