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We have had rabbit beagles for several years and presently we have 6 excellent rabbit dogs ranging in age from 4 to 12 yr. So here is my question for anyone interesting on helping: It seems to be that we never have any issue of the dogs and deer until rut. During the rut however the dogs become very unpredictable and at times do chase deer. They are easily call off but we have been following this behavior and it seems to have a steady pattern year to year. Does not seem to matter whether the dog is male or female although the male seem more prone to it. After rut the dog behavior returns to normal. They have actually gone passed deer several time while rabbit hunting off rut. So my husband and i checked online and have found no writings or information on this. Has anyone else experienced this situation or have any input on the subject. To me it does make sense that it would happen but just looking for confirmation beyond our own.
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