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Looking for wisdom from a beagle expert.....

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Hello all.

I am affilitated with a local pet rescue and have recently brought into my home an adorable little female beagle. Bella is 4 yrs old and her history unknown but she did come to us with a litter of 6 pups that have all been adopted into great homes. On the plus side Bella is sweet, affectionate, walks well on a leash, gets along with other dogs, is great with people.... a potentially super family dog.

The most significant challenge I'm having with Bella is her resistance to housetraining. When she asrrived to our home a few weeks ago we confined her to the kitchen area. Within minutes she urinated on the floor. We got into the routine of taking her outside every 30-60 minutes to give her the message but.... she'll go outside...then come in and go 10 minutes later. We had her checked for a uti for a possible cause but she is clear. When she is crated....even for an hour... she wets in her crate (she has just enough room to stand up and turn around in this crate).

My floor has never been cleaner since I started cleaning up after Bella. I resorted to using potty pads now and she is using them.... We still take her out on frequent intervals, and she goes, but she still often comes in and pees on the pad within minutes. Remove the pad and she's peeing on the floor....

I've thought that maybe this is an anxiety issue so I have tried some rescue remedy to see if that would help. After a few uses I see that she is calmer acting.... not as wired but pottying issues remain unchanged. She goes on two extended walks daily (we live on a farm) and has a pen she can run in for exercise.

I hope that someone out there who has had a similar experience with their beagle could share their wisdom. Bella is a sweetie and deserves a great home.....

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I am not an expert on Beagles but I do however know what you are going through. We had a beagle as well that would do the exact same thing only difference was when we took her for walks she would be better. I think in Giddy's case(my beagle) that she was bored maybe and resorted to peeing and pooing in the house to either 1. get back at us for not entertaining her, or 2. she was bored and had nothing better to do. She will still have her odd accident if we don't take her out for walk but she is much better. I don't know what to tell you but that was an idea that did work for me. Good luck and hope you find a solution to this problem. Dogs are so loveable and its a shame when they can't train properly and end up causing us stress. Good luck again!
I'm not an expert either I know I have had success with the crate for potty training but that is with a puppy not an older dog I hope you can get some good advice and hope Bella will have success.
I have never been a fan of 'wee wee pads'. You simply train your dog to pee on a pad. Beagles can be very stubborn dogs to train. Your best bet is to crate train Bella. You'll be very surprised at how quickly this method will work. Here's an article on Beagle Crate Training.
Does she know it's "bad" to pee on the floor and is she being told NO while she is in the act of peeing on the floor?
Catch her in the act and Boom (loud noise ) NO!! then take her outside . My pup did the same thing come in the house and tried to pee . It worked on him and the frustration ended .
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