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Looking Forward To Meeting All Of You

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Hi all,

My name is Liv Warren and I've been a dog trainer for the past ten years; beagles are a super breed that I've not had a lot of chance to work with, so hopefully I'll be able to gain insight into the breed from all of you. Maybe I can help you as well....that would be great.
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Welcome Liv!

My first one was adopted in 1976 & I have been in love with the breed ever since! The first few only lived to age 13, but now with advanced care they can easily live to 15 yrs & more! Goober lived nearly 16.5 yrs! A beagle is a "high maintenance" dog when it comes to "care & feeding" & beyond! But, few will ever love you as much as this breed! Once you get past the "terrible two,s" these hounds will surprize you with their ability to please you! My latest nearly 3 yr old Jethro has become the best behaved one yet, thanks to what my previous ones taught me! Sure, he destroyed a few things...but, not like his previous counterparts!:)
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