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Mable the beagle

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Here's a photo of Mable the day after we brought her home from the breeder five years ago. She's grown now, but just as good looking as ever. :eek:

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ADORABLE! She's a beauty. You should put a picture up of what she looks like now :eek:) Its amazing watching them turn more red
Yup, she's changed — lots more red now. The black saddle is still there, but much smaller. Her ears have turned from black to red and now lots of white is mixing in.

Here's the latest from a camping trip (she loves to climb hills).

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Aww, what a little sweetie. She is just as beautiful now as she was a puppy.
I am drooling with envy of the worst beagle kind. I want another beagle so bad, but they are so expensive around here. Our first beagle was a gift, one of the litter, and the second I was lucky and found at the SPCA. Now you can't even get to the beagles there because beagle societies scoop them up.

I love the photo of Mable, you can see the mischief in her eyes.
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