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I am knew to the forum.... I want to ask how young of a pup can be dipped or sprayed with the recommended solution of 1 oz to a gallon of the Prolate to combat mange. I have a Shih Tzu mom with a litter of puppies and discovered the mother has come down with mange after I had her groomed just before she had her puppies and now they are itching ears. :confused:

Thanks for any insight...
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Hi Lead ,
Welcome to the forum.
To answer your question on prolate dip for mange on young pups... Prolate/lintox should not be used on pups less that 4 months age because it would be way too toxic.

First I would make sure which type of mange your dog has. Remember that sarcoptic mange is very contagious. If mom and pups are itching badly it is a sign of sarcoptic mange.

If you can post more information about pups (age) and mother we will try to help with treatment choices precautions.

Best , oldhounddog

Thank you for your reply--

The Shih Tzu pups are going 5 weeks old... I am thinking the only way the mother caught this by my sending her and another female to the groomer. This is the contagious type mange for sure. I did dip the other female Shih Tzu that is not pregnant and has no babies. She had reduced her itching. Now for the babies, I took the largest pup – about a pound, shaved his ear with a fifthy blade as this is where the pups are itching at the most. Took a cotton ball and spotted his ears with the dip. He no longer itches at his ears. I know I took a risk but I am a bit desperate for a cure for puppies that young. Any advice would be so appreciated.

Lead ,
I know this is tough on you and would advise a plan of attack that would include treating the area that your dogs/pups are kept in with a mixture of 1oz prolate to 1 gal water to kill any mites in the living or play area. Every dog/pup has to be treated as you know , however , proceed with caution with the pups. Sounds like you are doing a good job. You may want to ask your Vet's opinion on what product would be safe for use on your pups... The itching ears are a for sure first sign of sarcoptic mange. I think the starting age for treating with dip type treatment is 8 weeks , however , any treatment on pups this young will require caution while trying to treat the mite as best you can before the mange proliferates on the skin.

Make sure to keep any of the mange treatment products away from your dogs/pups eyes as it will cause injury to the eyes.
I have had good luck with Frontline spray (yes spray) for sarcoptic mange treatment. I've tried some of the shampoo treatments but they will not kill the mites in the skin.

I think the limited use of the prolate on the pups ears and perhaps on other problem areas was a smart move.

Let us know how things go......

Best , oldhounddog

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Thank you Old hound dog, yes I am very much proceeding with caution... As I gave my mama dog her daily dose of Ivomec for 5 days, I wondered how this would affect her 5 week old lactating puppies. There seems to be no side effects with her ingestion of this and their lactating. She is itching less and I am using great caution with the puppies about dabbing them with the dip... I have only done two and only once... My thought is to wean puppies from mom now as they are eating as well... Then try to clean up the pupp, sign of the mites on them is minimal but just the same, I am sure they have them. Start with them on a vet recommendation or over the counter puppy safe product when old enough. Has anyone used Revolution (sp), how well did it work? :(
Lead ,
Revolution has been used by many to treat sarcoptic mange. Dosing for this purpose is first dose by weight and followed by a second dose @ 2 weeks and then once a month for general HW and flea prevention.

Frontline has also been used for treating sarcoptic mange.

Your plan to get pups on puppy food sounds good to me. I do know that keeping up with all of this treatment , general care and cleaning is stressful so take a deep breath.

If I can help , please post any ??...


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