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Hey everyone. I have a dog I rescued with mange. My question is about Prolate as a dip. I read here that 1oz. per gallon is a good mix. After you apply it do you leave it on to dry or time it and rinse off? Seems like you would leave it on but I dont want the dog to get sick. Thanks for any help or other suggestions on how to help him with mange.
I have Cephalexin going also as we speak.
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I am questioning the use of Prolate.
It is good that you question this products safety and I am glad you are concerned for your dogs health.

This is why I do not use Prolate and other related Dip products................

Prolate/Lintox-HD is used to control flies, mites, mange and ticks on livestock but is not for use on household pets. Paramite was used to control fleas and ticks on dogs. It was voluntarily taken off the market in 2005 after the Environmental Protection Agency determined its active ingredient was potentially dangerous to animal handlers, groomers and young children, said EPA spokesman Chris Whitley.
Paramite and prolate both contain the same active ingredient, the organophosphate insecticide phosmet. Organophosphates kill insects by disrupting activity in their brains and nervous systems. These neurotoxins can also inflict nasty adverse effects on mammals (like humans) – hence their early use as chemical warfare agents.
Toxic or not – what’s the problem if prolate and paramite both have the same active ingredient? Well… pet products containing phosmet were voluntarily taken off the market back in 2005 after the EPA found they posed an unacceptable risk of dermal toxicity to people who came in contact with treated animals.

I hope this answers your question about Prolate.

Best , oldhounddog

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Why would you put them on Cephalexin? I am treating for mange right now, I leave it on and dry with blow dryer...
Hi Lead ,
I think your limited use of the prolate if fine. Most of the time I do not support the use of dips because if not used with care it can cause harm to young or small breed dogs or older dogs in poor heath not to mention that it can be harmful to humans that do not follow precautions for ventilation , wearing gloves and eye protection and being careful to mix as per instruction on product label...

I did not see Cephalexin mentioned in this thread so I am not sure how to answer your question. Perhaps a little more information would help.

A general answer for using an antibiotic when treating mange would be to address secondary infection on the skin that can be a problem with mange.


Are you haing ay success? I don't see much improvement after 3 weeks of dipping...
nala ,

Please check your other post.


The mange cleared up within a week and half.
Hi Lead ,
Good to hear from you. I am sure glad your pack is healthy and well again. I know you were very busy for that week and a half , and , I can only say WOW you did a great job.

Best , oldhounddog

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