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Hey everyone. I have a dog I rescued with mange. My question is about Prolate as a dip. I read here that 1oz. per gallon is a good mix. After you apply it do you leave it on to dry or time it and rinse off? Seems like you would leave it on but I dont want the dog to get sick. Thanks for any help or other suggestions on how to help him with mange.
I have Cephalexin going also as we speak.
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Another question about the dip

I have two Shih Tzu dogs but figure the treatment should be the same. I was also wondering about the dip/spray. Is it harmful if left on and they lick? I really want to get started treating them but need to make sure nothing will harm them before I will begin. Any help will be appreciated. I am questioning the use of Prolate.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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