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Hey everyone. I have a dog I rescued with mange. My question is about Prolate as a dip. I read here that 1oz. per gallon is a good mix. After you apply it do you leave it on to dry or time it and rinse off? Seems like you would leave it on but I dont want the dog to get sick. Thanks for any help or other suggestions on how to help him with mange.
I have Cephalexin going also as we speak.
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Why would you put them on Cephalexin? I am treating for mange right now, I leave it on and dry with blow dryer...
Mange Gone

I wanted to respond to the thread / question are you have any sucess / no improvement after three weeks.... I started with two Shih Tzu's with one having a litter of puppies. The ears on both seem to be the problem area for the mange. I shaved down the ears on the dogs and dipped twice and then blow drying them. Also I gave Ivomet 1% to both orally -- the puppies also got mange and with them I took a cotten balls and dabbed the solution on the spots were the mange seemed to be or they were itching.... I did bath them with a shampoo that was for flea's ticks, I rinsed them alot. Kept sure to keep away from mouth,. As they were only four weeks old and the shampoo is recommended for over 8 weeks old. The mange cleared up within a week and half. I feel part of the sucess was catching it in its early stages. Along with the great advice from oldhounddog. Thank you..
Yes, I did the dip plus gave the Ivomet 1% orally.... I do wonder if because the babies were nursing if they cleared up so quick because mother was on the Ivomet 1% -- is that possible?
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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