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My 8 month-old Beagle is still suffering from Car Sickness

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My 8 month-old female beagle Tweetums still easily gets carsick even when just 15 minutes from the start of our ride. I thought car sickness was only in puppies. But my Tweetums has not outgrown being carsick and now we have to bring her along to spend a long weekend at the lake.

How can I possibly keep her from throwing up? Is there an OTC medication just like those for children? I don't want to starve her all the way to the lake.

Any advice will be highly appreciated.

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Some dogs never outgrow carsickness. Here are some recommendations though--

@ put him in a crate
reaction :(: there are dogs that seem to get stressed even more when inside the crate. perhaps they hate the idea of being confined while the car is moving.

@ make the car a "positive and happy place:D" by bringing along his favorite toys and treats.
reaction: good luck! I hope it works

@ if everything else fail and you are desperate, try OTC motion sickness pill for humans. Be careful though with the dosage though.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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