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My 8 month-old Beagle is still suffering from Car Sickness

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My 8 month-old female beagle Tweetums still easily gets carsick even when just 15 minutes from the start of our ride. I thought car sickness was only in puppies. But my Tweetums has not outgrown being carsick and now we have to bring her along to spend a long weekend at the lake.

How can I possibly keep her from throwing up? Is there an OTC medication just like those for children? I don't want to starve her all the way to the lake.

Any advice will be highly appreciated.

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Your vet can help you with some home remedies or certain medications for travel sickness. Our beagle, Jamby, drools non-stop and often throws up no matter how short the ride is. Our vet instructed us to feed her minimally the night before we leave. We have to give her small sips of water to prevent dehydration. We also had to make frequent stops for walks. Just refrain from giving out food or treats and don't be carried away by its long sad face.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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