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My Amazing Dog Yella

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I once had a dog that was the spitting image and attitude of Old Yeller. It was a lot more dangerous to have my dog though because he was half wolf. My daddy took him off the hands of an old lady who had been feeding him for weeks out at her farm but she couldnt keep him around because rumors of wolf dogs had her scared for her other dogs. Yella was so afraid of people that my dad had to catch him in a trap. My dad spent months with that dog, socializing him with other animals and himself for hours everyday. He worked 12 hour days at his job back then too so it was a labor of love, having to work at his construction job with bites on his hands from an untrusting Yella. After having love forced on him whether he wanted it or not from my dad helped that dog form an amazing bond with my dad. It got to the point were my dad could reach down and take food out of that dog's mouth (and he is WOLF too). Yella was our constant guardian as my brother and I worked on our farm. We were small back then and he kept the cows off of us while we changed salt licks and things of that nature.

What really amazed me was one day my cousin (and next door neighbor) went missing and there was a huge search for her. In the middle of the night and after a big storm that had us worried for Abby's life, we found that little girl in the middle of the forest behind our house. That big fierce wolf dog was wrapped around her and and his tail lay over her tiny body like a blanket. Yella had bite marks all over his body and growled at us when he couldn't see us clearly, only because he was weak and didnt know if we were a threat. That baby was untouched, but only a little scared of the "bad doggies" that were being mean to her. We knew what she was talking about. My neighbor at the time (he wasnt a very good one) had a pack of 19 dogs that he let roam around. He never fed them so they would hunt down anything from our chickens to rabbits that they tore apart in our yards. That was the most amazing dog I have ever had a privilege to work with in my entire life. He fought off 19 dogs to protect a little girl that meant the world to us. I think he knew how much we loved her, and wanted to protect us even if it meant his life.

That dog was an amazing animal after he felt the strong love that all owners have for their dogs. And I wish every dog could experience the love we had for that dog, now and forever.
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Wow, now that is definitely an amazing story. Animals are protectors; there's no end to what they will do for their humans. Thanks for sharing.

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