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my beagle exasperates me

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HI, new to this forum, fairly new to beagles, mine is 9 months old , we got her at 5 months.
She has become a loved family member, gets plenty of excercise and company, but every few weeks we have this 'cycle' where she pees and poo's on the carpet every night. Then it will stop fow a while, and we think that she now understands its wrong, then all of a sudden..she will start it again!
Sometimes she will pee there in front of us, bold as you like, while we look on in disbelief with mouths wide open!
Are we in for this all her life? Why is she doing it? I have had other dogs who have never done this once housetrainned.
Its nothing to do with her season as these cycles occur about every 6 weeks or so.
I love her to bits but I could strangle her sometimes.
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Hiya! My dog did the same thing, Badger would go through cycles we just had to make sure we were always persistant with the routine in taking him out. Like Aarooogh said it was about 11-12 months altogether when Badger stopped.
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