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my beagle exasperates me

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HI, new to this forum, fairly new to beagles, mine is 9 months old , we got her at 5 months.
She has become a loved family member, gets plenty of excercise and company, but every few weeks we have this 'cycle' where she pees and poo's on the carpet every night. Then it will stop fow a while, and we think that she now understands its wrong, then all of a sudden..she will start it again!
Sometimes she will pee there in front of us, bold as you like, while we look on in disbelief with mouths wide open!
Are we in for this all her life? Why is she doing it? I have had other dogs who have never done this once housetrainned.
Its nothing to do with her season as these cycles occur about every 6 weeks or so.
I love her to bits but I could strangle her sometimes.
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At nine months, you've still got a pup who is still learning the ins and outs of good behavior. This seems to be a common complaint with beagle pups. Our first beagle tapered off this unwanted behavior after about a year, but every now and again, yeah, it happened. Our second beagle repeated the same behavior, but after about about 12 months, or maybe a bit more, she stopped altogether.

I found it helpful to scold them when caught in the act. Nothing serious — just let them know that you're disgusted, disappointed and unhappy with their behavior and that it's absolutely unacceptable. The trick is catching them in the act or it's pointless to try the scolding routine since they don't don't associate it with the action that caused it. Eventually they begin to associate pooping and peeing on the floor with unhappy consequences.

We also went out of our way to praise our dogs for doing it the right way outside. With our first beagle, we hung up a bell that we taught her to ring when she needed to go outside. Our second beagle, however, seems a bit smarter and figured out that the bell made us jump up and let it go outside for any reason, like sniffing the trees or rolling on the grass or for no particular reason at all other than she was bored. We soon gave up on the bell with her.
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