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My Beagle Molly

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Well Molly and I have been walking the Rainbow Trails near our house. Its a trail divided up all over the city. We have walked, and walked and walked and we are going to walk some more because Molly can't get enough walking.
On our adventures, Molly is great when walking with me or my boyfriend however, when she gets near another dog she has no clue how to socialize. She sometimes is ok then all of a sudden she snaps, or she just wants to attack at first sight. She isn't aggressive or is she? I just think she doesn't like others... lol, but at home she is great, the only issue in the house is she is shedding a lot lately and I don't know how often I can bath her?
When we get home after leaving her for less then two hours... that's her max or when we leave she howls and cries either one... how can I get her to stop.
Other then that, she is amazing.
Any ideas, suggestions or comments... I am open.
Thanks Molly's Mom


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Great photos! Molly looks fairly relaxed to me so I don't think she is wound up or nerved up like she would want to fight. We are going thru the same thing with Vazzy now. She is awesome in the house and in our yard but on walks or at public places she goes so crazy. She doesn't want to hurt anyone she is just over excited. We are trying to socialize her as much as we can and she is getting private training. Today in class we noticed that when she was off leash and another dog entered the room, she was totally fine until the dog went near my husband - she was got her hair up and stood in front of my husband and my Molly.

As for baths, try not to bathe too often. We found that Vazzy's food was making her stink and shed. So we switched her off Science Diet and also give her a vitamin E capsule daily (you can use fish oil too). I gave her a bath with herbal dog shampoo mixed with some Selsun Blue human shampoo and it worked perfectly.

When you have to leave her alone try to make your departure as quiet and calm as possible. Give her something fun like a kong toy and some safe stuffed toys, maybe leave on a radio or TV. If possible try to keep her confined to an area that she can't see your driveway or the street. Its less stressful for them if they aren't watching every car and person.
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