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My little man.

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This is my 5 yr old Toby. He is a Beagle/Jack Russel mix, but in his heart he is all stubborn Beagle.


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Haha adorable pics of Toby, so handsome!!!! Thanks for sharing Casey. I love Beagle / Jack mixes!

he must have a ton of energy!!
Great pictures. Thanks so much for sharing Toby with us. Geez, I love beagles, pure or mixed. I have had both.

Very nice......and yes, he is very handsome! I love Jack Russels-they are great dogs!
yeah he starts jumping up and down when I come to let him off his runner. but when he jumps in the back of my truck, hes knows from then on its all business. he is my bird dog so he takes what he does very seriously. but as soon as I start playing around, he comes unglued and wiggles around like a little puppy. he only got the best from both breeds of dog that he is.
Awesome little dog; looks a lot like my beagle/jack russell mix :)
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Awee Toby is so cute... And he is the same kind of dog as my new puppy Bettis- a Beagle Mix with a Jack Russell Terrier..
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Nice and cute one. What you have thought of future about it.
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