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Cowboy is two months old and already strong-willed. I have never had a Beagle before, but having spent time with the neighborhood Beagle and loved so much and miss so much, I just had to have my own Beagle, even though I have two little house dogs. We got our Beagle a little less than two weeks ago and I am already so in love with him. I plan on reading everything I can get my hands on to make sure I raise him right, as I know Beagle's are different than any dog I have ever had, but if I train him right, he will be as great a dog as Toby the older neighborhood dog that disappeared back in early February 2011. Any advice welcome. He is already crate trained and sure has a good appetite. He has a great little howl and is oh so cute. I will post pictures and read for advice. Thanks, Cowboy's Mom
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