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My Sweet Bruiser Boy

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We met you just 6 years ago next month seems not so long ago. Oh how did you become such a huge piece of my life? I can't stand that you had to go so soon, but don't feel you failed us. you could never have failed us or let us down. You were our protector no matter how big the other dog, llama, cow or concrete gorilla was you always made sure they understood what would happen if they got outta hand, even when they were no threat they always new you would protect us and brother Loki. You worked so hard to keep us happy, mumbling like some crazy angry old man, when your bark was too much to take in the car. My navigator, making sure we saw everything along every road trip and Vacation. making sure you had a spot right next to me on the center console. Oh how I will miss you my sweet Beagle boy. I will miss the greeting I got on every single evening when I walked in from work, not letting my go anywhere until i bent down hugged you and kissed you on the forehead. I Love you my Friend and I will always have you in my heart
Last night when we went to bed and you laid your head across my chest I couldn't let you know how sad I was that our time together had become so short. I think you knew too. I think you waited, holding all that pain inside. Waiting until you and could be together at the end. I will so miss you my big Bruiser. rest now no more pain and sickness forever. and don't worry I will take care of brother Loki for you.
LOVE YOU Goodbye
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I'm so sorry that you lost your beagle. It's amazing how attached we become to these little characters and how much it hurts when they're no longer with us. We also lost our first beagle when she was six years old. It was very sudden, and very sad. We had to bury her in our backyard during a snowstorm. Five months later, on the happiest day of the year, we picked up our new pup and she's turned out perfectly. Thanks for sharing your story — it really hit home with me.
What a beautiful memorial. Time doesn't matter. It is the power of love, a bond that takes but a nano-second. I am sorry for your loss, and your words have brought tears to my eyes.

Your heartfelt account brought tears to my eyes too. I know the feeling of loss....but it is not a loss. We only have to gain when we have had a special pet in our lives.
I lost my beagle, Barney, in August too. Very unexpectedly. He was 10 and very healthy. He had acute liver failure. We tried everything we could to save him, but it wasn't to be. There just is something about beagles. They are the most loyal loving creatures, and those big brown eyes? Who can resist them. We did get a new beagle puppy that we named Simon. I was afraid it was too soon, but I am loving this little puppy with all my heart and he is turning into a wonderful member of our family.
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