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Naming Your Beagle

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I'm just curious, but how did you come up with the names for your beagles?

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I named my dog Daisy because when we got her she reminded me of a Daisy and i love her so much but i really need to work on her weight issues. Im wondering now if beagles are normally fat cause they WILL eat anything!!!
I have noticed a lot of beagles I know, tend to have names starting with B... Mine is named Bugsy for example :)
When I adopted Niko I wanted to call him Kieran but my mother said it was too hard to pronounce and she wanted to call him Nicholas as he was born a month before Christmas. After much convincing I caved and decided to call my beagle Nicholas but I don't like regular spellings of names. I like to be different so after much searching I came across the spelling: Nikolas and liked it. So my beagle ended up being Nikolas but we call him Niko for short. And to be honest Niko suits him to a tee.
A roadside sign in South Carolina - "Calhoun County." "Calhoun" sounds respectably houndish.
I just watched my first pup for a few days and decided he was a Ben. Ben Beagle. The next two were easier as I decided to stay with the B's: Bella and Baci, as my husband is of Italian decent wit an Italian name. We sometimes call Ben Benjamino.
We have Baxter....when we first got him, I suggested "Bagel", but my other half assume that was a common name. After a day of watching him, the other half blutered out "Baxter" and the name has stuck. Tho he has a lot of nicknames..."Mr Mooch"..."Beagle"....Mr Damoochie, the poochie"...."Bax"
Well our dog aquired the name "Pooing" because it use to crap everywhere when it was young but finally grew out of that. Thank god
We got our first beagle from a breeder who named all her pups after chocolate bars and her registered name was so long that we named her Coco, as chocolate is made of cocoa. And our second beagle is called Pip and that's the name she came to us with, didn't want to confuse her with a new name, though Pip is almost too short and when I want her attention she seems to respond better if I make it longer and call her Pip-pip or Pipsa.
Samantha after Eliz Montgomery on Bewitched. Sam aka Sammykins, Samalicious, beagle butt, elaine lardo, stinky, fish name it, she answered to it!
My first beagle ever was named Brady after a close friend who had helped be through a lot of stuff. My current beagle was suppose to be named Elizabeth Ann or "ellie Ann" but she just wasn't having any of it. We tried a ton of names before visiting my mom who said, her name is Annie. Indeed it was so she is Annie or Ann Berlin or Annie Girl or Annie Oakley, she will answer to any of them. I have always liked giving dogs unusual names or people names. Our other dogs (rescues) are a Lab named Apollo ( he was already named but I love the name, a Shepherd mix I named Lei Lani (lani for short) and a standard Poodle who has the stupidest name ever Pee (because he would pee on the carpet at his old home) Hopefully he will only be here a short time, but I usually call him Pea Brain because unlike what I have always heard about poodles, he has no common sense, or reasoning ability at all and was once "lost" for 4 days. We found him less the a mile from the house. He just couldn't figure out how to get home and apparently couldn't hear us calling him. Love reading all your names for your beagles. I really like Elvis and Ringo. To cool.
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my kennel is gunslinger beagles because i love old westerns and so i try to name alot of mine after old cowboys, legends etc. for example i will be getting a new pup tues. and i have named her gunslinger annie oakley
Mattie, short for Matilda. When I first got her she would get up on her back legs and dance around. I called her waltzing Matilda and the name just stuck.
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