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Why are beagles so naughty?? mine has had 50+ pairs of shoes, 5 bank cards, £40 in cash and untold other things!! but he is so cute..........hard to tell him off!!
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They have lots of energy. One of my beagles is 4 months old. He is like a two-three year old who wants to play all day and has a short attention span. The other day, someone, not me, did not lock his kennel. He was out for four hours, rubbing his sore teeth on every corner in site. Out comes the tabasco sauce.
LOL. Have fun with your beagle and the energy. BadgersMom...quit will only keep you from....playing. It is not worth counting. At one year of age they slow down and don't have to chew and make their teeth feel better. AT TWO is a dramatic drop. All of a sudden the calm down and seem to get it. IS it just me?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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