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should tammy get a new puppy

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Hello fellow beagle lovers
my name is tammy I just joined today
I could really use some advice and would like to express my thoughts and see what comments I receive
my first Beagle was 12 years ago, Sydney, we got her when she was 7 weeks old, and last week had to put her down as she had heart failure
and the medicine no longer was effective. Sydney was the greatest dog ever, we were like best friends, she was even awarded to me in my divorce 10 years ago. Sydney had one litter of 9 and she was the best mommy, after the babies were gone we felt Sydney really needed another compainion
so we got Kona another female, and the two of them were great together. Now that Sydney is gone (8 days ago) Kona is very depressed she can not enjoy walks as all she does is smell for sydney. the question is... should I get another beagle for Kona
we have all the ideal situations ..home, yard, we are home all the time, and the love for beagles. So for us humans the decision is an easy yes.. but I want to understand what is the best thing for Kona, she was #2 in the pack of 2. not sure if she would want the role of #1 or what would happen with the addition of a new puppy, and if I should get one, any one know of any available?
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