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Hi. Sounds like Charlie could have a few things going on. Is he getting enough exercise and attention? Beags, especially younger ones, have a lot of energy and curiosity. If they aren't exercised and entertained, they often get into trouble. Has he been to a training class? Those are a great way to bond with you dog and learn some training tips, and also to socialize them with other dogs. I notice that my two have been acting up more now that we have been trapped in a lot with the freezing temps. I take them to the pet store often and try to play games that will stimulate their minds.

As for the pee accidents....has he been tested for an infection? Try to limit his access to your house when you are busy so he can't wander off and pee. Be sure to clean the accidents with special cleaner for pet urine or he will keep going back. Also, beagles aren't often good about telling us when they have to go, you have to watch for the subtle signs. Some owners use a bell hanging by the door, they teach the dog to jingle it when they have to go.

My beagles are gated in the kitchen and hallway when we go out. They are both shelter rescues and hate being in a crate, so the gate works well.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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